Consumers and jurisdictions alike are aggressively seeking ways to improve efficiency at every opportunity. A Green mark of conformity quickly alerts everybody to the water and/or energy conserving benefits of your products. Architects and engineers look for Green certification when selecting products in order to ensure compliance with Green Building requirements.

IAPMO R&T certifies Green products in relation to their water-saving features in order to better meet today’s global environmental needs. The Green Certification Program offers the consumer a choice to select products that not only meet the minimum requirements of applicable codes and standards, but also those that can be readily identified as more friendly to the environment.

IAPMO R&T’s Green Certification Program offers listings to such Green codes, standards and rating systems as:

  • Water Efficiency and Sanitation Standard for the Built Environment (WE-Stand)
  • Cal Green
  • LEED®
  • ICC 700/National Green Building Standard
  • Natural Resources Canada R-2000 Standard
  • Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings