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The IAPMO S1001.4 Solar Ratings Calculator was developed in conjunction with IAPMO Standard S1001.4 Energy Production Rating of Solar Heating Collectors.  This Excel-based calculator utilizes formulas and procedures identical to those set forth in the Standard, and is designed to be a transparent and user-friendly tool for those wishing to convert solar heating collector test report information to solar heat production estimates.

The calculator accepts information from solar collector test reports as specified in Section 4 of the Standard and performs calculations to generate a performance rating in accordance with Section 10 of the Standard. The results obtained through the calculator are identical to results obtained by manual calculation using the equations and procedures in the Standard, however can be generated in far less time than a manual calculation entails.

Although the formulaic portions of the calculator are “locked,” each cell of the spreadsheet is visible to the user, ensuring that all assumptions and calculations are known.

Calculator Maintenance

Since the equations and procedures used in the calculator are contained in the published Standard, updates to the Calculator will only serve to improve usability; the underlying calculations will only change when the Standard itself is updated through the regular IAPMO/ANSI Standards Revision process.  Standard revisions of this type occur on an as-needed basis, however generally speaking changes would not occur more frequently than on a bi- or tri-annual basis, if that.

However, when and if the procedures specified in this Standard are revised, the calculator will be revised accordingly and the updated calculator version information will be noted prominently in the data entry section of the calculator.

For Information Only

The results obtained from the IAPMO Solar Ratings Calculator are for informational purposes only.  IAPMO issues ratings of solar collector energy production only in association with product certification.  While the results obtained from the calculator may be similar or identical to those generated by IAPMO in conjunction with solar collector certification, only ratings developed and assigned by IAPMO will appear in the Product Listing Directory.