IAPMO R&T was one of the first third-party certification bodies in North America to offer listings to the various “low-lead” standards and laws since 2008. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Section 1417(d) of the Safe Drinking Water Act (commonly known as U.S. Senate Bill No. S.3874 “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act”)
  • Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code (commonly known as AB1953)
  • Vermont’s Lead Reduction Law (commonly known as Vermont Act 193)
  • Maryland’s Lead Reduction Law (commonly known as Maryland House Bill HB.372)
  • Louisiana’s Lead Reduction Law (commonly known as Louisiana House Bill HB.471)
  • NSF/ANSI 372

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Manufacturers have long trusted IAPMO R&T for its foresight in assisting them to meet the dynamic legislative demands on their faucets, valves, fittings and other products that contact potable water.

Lead in drinking water is a serious issue. Even small amounts of lead ingested over time can cause severe long-term health problems in children. Tap our resource guide to learn how to reduce the health hazards from lead in drinking water.