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Water Systems FAQ 

Are IAPMO R&T product certifications recognized by regulators?
IAPMO R&T is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and by entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c., (ema) to list, or certify, products.  IAPMO R&T listings provide the utmost confidence to regulators, inspectors, manufactures, distributors, installers, retailers, engineers and the public that the products have been tested and certified to the applicable standard. Our Marks of conformity show compliance with established codes and standards. 

Can IAPMO R&T certify products to NSF/ANSI standards?
Many U.S. and Canadian codes and regulations require products to meet the ANSI-accredited NSF/ANSI standards. People are often confused into thinking that products then must "have NSF" or must have "NSF certification." This is not correct. It is important to understand the distinction between the performance standards used to evaluate products and certification of products by an accredited certification body.

Companies comply with codes and regulations specifying NSF/ANSI standards by obtaining product certifications to the cited performance standard(s). Certifications are typically provided by an accredited third party listing agency, or Conformity Assessment Body. In the U.S. and Canada, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) are the recognized and accepted accreditation organizations. All U.S. states, USEPA, Canadian provinces, Health Canada, and codes rely on ANSI- and SCC-accreditations to determine the bona fide independent third party certifications that they will accept. All ANSI- and SCC-accredited certifiers must strictly adhere to the same stringent international standards and requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for independent certification programs and testing laboratories. They must all pass the continual and detailed audits for this compliance by ANSI and SCC to ensure product certifications are consistently accurate, complete, and without bias. All ANSI- and SCC-accredited certifiers are equivalent and equally accepted by regulators in the U.S and Canada.

How long are IAPMO R&T certifications valid?
IAPMO R&T product certifications are valid for one year.  Each year certification files must be renewed to ensure the certified products continue to comply with the current revision of the performance standard and IAPMO R&T’s certification scheme (policies).

How often does my product have to be retested after they are certified?
The frequency for retesting depends on the certification that you carry for the product.  During your annual continuous compliance factory audit products may be sampled for retesting.  Please contact our friendly staff for details on the retesting requirements for specific type of certifications.

Can I Transfer My Certificates to IAPMO R&T from Another Certification Body?
IAPMO R&T has developed a process for certification file transfers from other certification bodies.  This process can be used to have your products dual listed or as an efficient means to change certification agencies. 

Will IAPMO R&T accept test reports from my preferred test laboratory?
IAPMO R&T maintains a list of recognized testing laboratories you can choose from for product testing.  For more information and the scope of standards and testing on IAPMO R&T recognized labs, download the .pdf copy by clicking here

Can IAPMO help companies understand global certification requirements?
The IAPMO Group has office in:
• Argentina    • India
• Australia     • Indonesia
• Canada       • Kuwait
• China          • Mexico
• Fiji               • United Arab Emirates
• Germany 

Our expert staff located around the World can help you understand testing and certification requirements for any market. IAPMO R&T Oceana is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) and offers product certification for the Australia and New Zealand markets.