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Mexico Certification Program FAQs 

Are IAPMO R&T certificates recognized in Mexico?
Yes, IAPMO R&T is accredited by entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema) and is recognized by Comisión Nacional del Agua (CONAGUA) to certify plumbing products to Mexican National Standards (NOM).  Together, these approvals allow IAPMO R&T certificates to be accepted throughout the nation.

What type of products can I certify with IAPMO R&T?
Currently, IAPMO R&T can offer certification to Mexican National Standards for water closets (NOM-009-CNA-2001), flushometer valves (NOM-005-CNA-1996), showerheads (NOM-008-CNA-1998), flush valves and fill valves for water closet tank applications (NOM-010-CNA-2010).

My products are made outside of Mexico, will my IAPMO R&T certified products be accepted through Customs?
Yes, IAPMO R&T certified models will appear at the customs database as well as in the CONAGUA website showing that they have been certified by an approved product certification body.

Can IAPMO R&T process the export of my products on into Mexico?
No, IAPMO R&T does not provide export services at this time, manufacturers must process the export of their products through the proper trade brokerage of their choosing.  IAPMO R&T will require the Tariff Fraction Number for the products being certified prior to issuing the certificate, this information will appear on the certificate of listing as reference for custom purposes.

How long are IAPMO R&T Mexico certifications valid for?
IAPMO R&T can offer Mexico certifications valid for 1 year (Type I), 2 years (Type II), 3 years (Type III) and Type IV for indefinite period (provided certain conditions are met).  Please contact our friendly staff for details on the specific requirements for each.

How often does my product have to be retested after they are certified?
The frequency for retesting depends on the type of certification that you carry for the product.  Please contact our friendly staff for details on the retesting requirements for specific type of certifications.

I currently have cUPC certification for my products, can I use that certification to extend my Mexico certification?
Unfortunately no, Mexico certification requires compliance with an Official Mexican Standard which is different from the current U.S. or Canadian standards.

How do I apply for Mexico Certification?
Applying for Mexico certification is easy; simply download the application packet and model list spreadsheet found in this website, available in English and in Spanish for your convenience, complete the required fields and sign the listing agreement.  Additionally, using the model list spreadsheet, list all the models being certified as requested.  Once complete, simply email the application packet and model list to, an IAPMO R&T representative will contact you shortly with your request.  Please note that the application packet for Mexico certification is different than the cUPC application packet.  You may always contact our friendly staff to obtain the application packet.

Once I submit my application, can I continue to add models or make changes to the submittal?
Yes, you can make changes to the submittal provided that the request is done within 15 working days of submitting the application. After 15 days, you will need to submit a new application. This will incur separate fees. You have the option to request a separate certificate for the additional models or to add the additional models to an existing certificate provided that it is for the same NOM standard and the same manufacturing location.

Where can I get my product tested for Mexico Certification?
You can use any test lab that is ema accredited and recognized by CONAGUA.  Please visit their websites for the complete list of test labs. For convenience, IAPMO R&T Lab can test your product to obtain Mexico Certification with IAPMO R&T.  For testing questions and quotes at the IAPMO R & T Lab, please send your inquiries to

What certification mark does the product certified by IAPMO R&T for Mexican market carry?
Products listed by IAPMO R&T to the Official Mexico National Standard shall be marked with the IAPMO R&T shield mark with “MX” identifier at the 8 o’clock position.  The product must also bear in conjunction with the IAPMO R&T Mexico certification mark, the Official NOM emblem.  Products certified as compliant with the Ecologic Grade requirement of the applicable Official Mexico National standard may bear on the product or its promotional material the CONAGUA owned logo for Ecologic Grade.

Will I receive a certificate in Spanish for Mexico Certification?
Yes, all certificates that IAPMO R&T issues for Mexico Certification program are in Spanish, this will facilitate the customs process.  We will also make the English version of the certificate available to you at a minimal cost, if requested.

Can I transfer my certificates from another certification body?
Yes, we accept transfer from other ema accredited and CONAGUA recognized certification bodies as long as the certificate is current at the time of transfer.