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1. What are the listing procedures?
The details for listing are described in the application package. Please refer to form 1 of the application for details or visit the document download link. If you have any question and/or need more information regarding listing requirements, please contact any of IAPMO R&T’s technical staff.

2. I have a new product for which no standard exists. Can you list it?
Yes, we can help you develop an IAPMO standard. Such IAPMO standards are called IAPMO Guide Criteria (IGC‘s). For more information on IGC development, please contact us. You may also wish to contact IAPMO’s Standards department.

3. Is IAPMO R&T listings accepted by any other city or listing agency?
IAPMO R&T listings are accepted by many jurisdictions, one such jurisdiction being the City of Los Angeles.

4. What does Classified marking mean?
Classified marking means that a product complied with the standard, however it is either not in compliance with the code or simply is not mentioned in the code. For more details regarding marking, please refer to “Mark Usage Guide” that is available to download on our website or contact our product review engineer.

5. Can IAPMO R&T certify a component or material such as a faucet cartridge? Will the certification mark be a UPC® or UPC shield with ®?
Yes, IAPMO R&T can certify a component or material, however the mark used is not a UPC® or UPC shield with ®. The marking used is the MC in a shield® or IAPMO R&T in a shield ® with the text “COMPONENT” on top of the shield. For more details regarding marking, please refer to “Mark Usage Guide” that is available to download on our website or contact our product review engineer.

6. Once my product is listed with IAPMO R&T, can I advertise using the shield mark?
Yes, using the shield mark on your advertisement is one of the benefit of being listed with IAPMO R&T.  In fact, IAPMO R&T encourages all manufacturers to do so.  Please refer to “Mark Usage Guide” that is available to download on our website or contact our product review engineer for more details.

7. Can IAPMO R&T list products to the NSF/ANSI 61 standard?
Yes, IAPMO R&T can list products to the NSF/ANSI 61 standard. There are a number of labs recognized to conduct such testing for IAPMO R&T. For more information please contact any of IAPMO R&T’s technical staff.

8. Does IAPMO R&T list lead-free products?
Yes, IAPMO R&T can list products to show compliance to the Federal and States Lead Plumbing Laws. For more information, please contact any of IAPMO R&T’s technical staff.

9. Does IAPMO R&T list products other than plumbing?
Yes, IAPMO R&T can list food equipment products (i.e. prep tables, kitchen utensils, stoves, etc.), electrical products, water systems related products (i.e. Reverse Osmosis Unit, water softener, etc.), and gas-fueled products (i.e. barbecue grill, boilers, fireplaces, etc.).  IAPMO R&T can also list energy-efficient products to EPA WaterSense specifications, many of the EPA Energy Star specifications, and various Green requirements.  For more details, please contact any of IAPMO R&T’s technical staff.

10. Why am I being billed 3 months prior to the expiration of my file?
Reason being, so we may receive, process and return your new certificate to you prior to the expiration date of the file. This will also eliminate the possibility of having an expired certificate when an official is asking for a current listing certificate.

11. Do I have to pay pre-listing inspection fees on warehouse locations?
No, you pay for pre-listing inspection fees on manufacturing locations only.

12. What is a pre-listing inspection and what are the additional charges to the listing fees opposed to the basic fees noted in the listing application? Do I pay for them up front?
The pre-listing inspection is the initial audit of the manufacturing location for all new listings. The only portion of the fees for inspections that are pre-paid is the pre-listing inspection fee. Travel and other applicable expenses are not included with this fee. These expenses will be determined by the Listing Compliance Department and will be invoiced separately upon completion of the inspection.

13. My renewal is not due for 2 or 3 months; can I pre-pay my renewal along with a submittal for some additional models and changes that I wish to make to my listing?
Yes, you can pay for your renewal (prior to being billed for it) along with the additional models, changes, modification or what ever action you will be taking on your file. Keep in mind that your renewal fees do not include the fees for adding models, modifications etc. You will need to contact the IAPMO R&T staff for the appropriate fees to add to the renewal amount.

14. What is the average time frame that can be expected before an IAPMO R&T Inspector will perform an Initial Factory Inspection at a new manufacturing plant and/or plants?
By policy, Initial Factory Inspections are performed within 30 days from the initial date of submittal.

15. Are the Initial Inspections scheduled in advance?
Yes, these inspections are pre-scheduled between IAPMO R&T’s Listing Compliance department and the applicant.

16. What will the inspector look for during the Initial Factory Inspection?
During the Initial Factory Inspection the Inspector verifies that the plant’s documented quality program is being adhered to. In addition, the inspector verifies that the test equipment at the plant is adequate for the tests being conducted and that the equipment is properly calibrated.

17. How often can I expect an IAPMO R&T inspection?
Each warehouse and manufacturing location is inspected at least once a year by IAPMO R&T inspectors. For safety reasons, other locations are inspected two to four times a year.

18. What does an IAPMO R&T Inspector look for during a routine inspection?
   A. Random sample selection for testing
   B. Witness on-site testing of product samples(when possible)
   C. Review quality management system records and practices
   D. Examine product markings
   E. Assess use of IAPMO R&T certification marks
   F. Record all results and observations
   G. Complete a Field Report and Signature Sheet

The minimum QA systems requirements are available to download on our website.

19. Are all inspections scheduled?
No, only Initial Factory Inspections are scheduled.

20. At what location and/or locations will the inspector visit and why?
The inspectors conduct unannounced inspections of listed products at each manufacturing and warehouse facility to monitor compliance to the listing as specified in section 18 of the listing agreement.

21. Why do I need to pay a directory fee when all I want is a certificate?
The directory fee will allow your listing to be published for one year. This is an online directory that many building officials and contractors use for reference to check which companies are listed.

22. Why can't I receive my certificate before the inspection is performed at my manufacturing facility?
By policy, the Initial Inspection is one of the listing requirements. It allows IAPMO R&T to check the factory Quality System in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065.

23. How much does it cost to register under ISO 9001?
It depends on the size of the company seeking registration and the complexity of processes employed by the company. Our Registration Services Department will provide a competitive quotation once receiving the application.

24. How do I submit a complaint or appeal?
Please submit your concern via e-mail at  One of our staff will contact you with additional information on our procedure for handling complaint/appeal.